Sherry Levitan - Surrogacy Lawyer in Toronto

Using A Surrogacy Agency

There are advantages to working with a surrogacy agency if you haven’t already found a surrogate within your circle of family and friends.

In Sherry’s more than 20 years of specializing in this field, she has found that a surrogacy agency can quite often find you the right surrogate faster than you could do on your own. The agency can also be helpful in setting realistic expectations for both you and the surrogate. Some agencies will even handle reimbursement of reasonable expenses to your surrogate so you won’t have to worry about administrative details.

Not all agencies are the same. When choosing an agency ask questions about their history, their people and their process, and talk to other people in the industry. It’s all about finding the best fit for you.

There are legal implications when working with an agency. When you are ready, Sherry will be happy to help you.